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Varannan månad ger SteamTeam Nordic tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner TLV ut ett kortare E-magazine där vi lyfter fram och diskuterar vanliga problem som våra kunder stöter på i sina ång -och kondensatsystem.

I den här utgåvan tar vi en närmare titt på hur man kan återanvända så kallad ‘flashånga‘ och bevara den dyrbara energin som finns lagra däri. Mer information finner ni nedan.

Recovering Steam Clouds

Is steam vented from the condensate collection tank at your plant? Or have you seen vapor clouds coming from your vent pipes or drains?

Steam clouds constitute potentially valuable heat energy going to waste. Our latest Steam Theory article discusses how to collect steam clouds and waste heat energy from a variety of areas and equipment and save energy!

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Recover steam clouds from…

Condensate collection tanks

Steam escaping from a condensate collection tank is a sign that although condensate is being properly collected in the tank, excess heat is escaping from the condensate and venting to waste.

Plants with this situation can:

Collection tank solutions

Drains and pits

Many plants choose to drain condensate rather than recollect it, resulting in steam clouds around drains and pits.

Plants with this situation may achieve energy savings by routing condensate from processes into a collection tank, and;

Drains and pits solution

Read the article to find out how to collect and reuse steam from vent pipes, excess steam and waste heat from the boiler, and more:

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We hope you enjoyed this edition of Steam Bulletin.

For more information about coping with flash steam, consult TLV’s Steam Theory resources, book a place at a TLV seminar in your area, or contact a TLV steam specialist directly.

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