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Varannan månad ger SteamTeam Nordic tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner TLV ut ett kortare E-magazine där vi lyfter fram och diskuterar vanliga problem som våra kunder stöter på i sina ång -och kondensatsystem.

I den här utgåvan tar vi en närmare titt på energibesparing kring ångarmatur, utrustning och förbrukare. Mer information finner ni nedan.

Steam Equipment – Energy Saving Tips

By optimizing the energy consumption of your steam equipment, you can improve your plant’s operating efficiency, and reduce emissions and fuel costs.

Our latest Steam Theory article presents six simple ways of optimizing your steam equipment’s energy efficiency. Check out the summary video below!

Video 6 methods

For more detailed tips on improving the efficiency of steam equipment, read the article:

Read the article

CES Survey Awarded ”Energy Conservation Grand Prize”


TLV’s ”CES Survey”, a comprehensive survey for plant steam systems, has been awarded the FY2019 ”Energy Conservation Grand Prize” (Chairperson’s Prize, Product/Business Model Category) by the Energy Conservation Center, Japan (ECCJ).

The Award recognizes the Consulting – Engineering – Services (CES) team’s achievements in reducing the energy consumption of steam systems across the world.

In the CES Survey, TLV’s CES team members survey all areas of the steam system; analyze survey data using innovative TLV software; identify opportunities for optimizing the system; and prepare a thorough economic analysis covering investment, savings, and returns.

Read more about the award here.

Apply for CES


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