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Varannan månad ger SteamTeam Nordic tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner TLV ut ett kortare E-magazine där vi lyfter fram och diskuterar vanliga problem som våra kunder stöter på i sina ång -och kondensatsystem.

I den här utgåvan tar vi en närmare titt på hur man på ett korrekt sätt installerar en ångfälla. Mer information finner ni nedan.

There are several points that plants need to consider when installing or replacing steam traps. For example, should traps be installed close to steam mains, or close to the ground? And should traps be installed on vertical or horizontal piping?

Our popular article ”Installation Tips for Steam Traps and Steam Mains” summarizes the pros and cons of each trap location, and provides other useful tips to help optimize your condensate discharge locations and streamline trap maintenance procedures.

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Trap Location: Close to Piping or Ground?

Have you ever wondered about the best location to install a steam trap on a steam main?

Installing traps close to piping will limit heat loss from radiation and thus reduce the plant’s energy usage. However, since steam mains are often set in elevated locations, installing a trap close to a main line can make it difficult to inspect and maintain, and increase the risk of it being neglected or forgotten.

Placement steam trap

Plants planning to install steam traps close to mains should consider setting up a ladder or other means of accessing the traps so that they can be easily inspected and maintained. If such a setup isn’t feasible, we recommend installing the trap in an easily accessible location and insulating the piping to limit heat loss.


Correct answer: B (read more about free float steam traps for main lines here)

To find out the pros and cons of installing traps vertically and horizontally, and for other installtion tips, please read the article:

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Read more about low-pressure steam recovery and electro-pneumatic control valves.

While this issue has discussed some basic points to consider when deciding where to install steam traps, there are several other important points to consider that could not be covered here. For an expert opinion on steam trap locations and system design, please contact our steam specialist staff.

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