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Varannan månad ger SteamTeam Nordic tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner TLV ut ett kortare E-magazine där vi lyfter fram och diskuterar vanliga problem som våra kunder stöter på i sina ång -och kondensatsystem.

I den här utgåvan tar vi en närmare titt på ångpannans effektivitet och hur man kan minska energikostnaderna. Mer information finner ni nedan.

Calculating Boiler Efficiency

A boiler’s efficiency rating (found in SDS and product catalogues) indicates the efficiency of the boiler when operating under ideal conditions. However, boilers rarely operate in such conditions. To calculate the actual operational efficiency of your boiler, use this formula:

Boiler efficiency _ formel

We recommend using this formula to calculate hourly boiler efficiency, which will reveal how changes in load affect yor boiler’s operation.

If there are large fluctuations in the efficiency of the boiler at certain times in the day, you should consider strategies for alleviating those fluctuations, such as making changes to production timing and processes.

Boiler Energy Saving Tips

To ensure that the boiler is operating efficiently, TLV recommends that you:

  1. Set a standard maximum percentage of excess combustion air.
  2. Set suitable minimum levels of fuel quality and viscosity.
  3. Regularly examine feedwater quality and ensure that it conforms to local industry standards.

Quiz 2

Read more tips on reducing boiler fuel consumption in the article:

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DC Series Cyclone Separators

Drip legs are designed to remove the condensate flowing through piping, but cannot remove water droplets entrained within steam or air flow itself.

Cyclone gif 1

Entrained condensate can cause corrosion and pin holes in piping, product defects, and even equipment breakdown.

Protect your piping and equipment by installing DC series cyclone separators, which use high velocity centrifugal forces to remove entrained water droplets from steam and air.

Cyclone gif 2

Learn more about DC cyclone separators on the TLV website:

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