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Varannan månad ger SteamTeam Nordic tillsammans med vår samarbetspartner TLV ut ett kortare e-magazine där vi lyfter fram och diskuterar vanliga problem som våra kunder stöter på i sina ång -och kondensatsystem. Besök gärna TLVs hemsida för ytterligare information.

Clean & Pure Steam

Higher grades of steam quality are necessary to meet strict sanitary needs in certain applications, such as those involving products intended for human consumption or pharmaceutical use. If you work in these industries, then you may be familiar with the terms ”clean steam” and ”pure steam”.

Despite widespread use of these terms, the lack of universal criteria to define them can often lead to confusion. Our latest article explains different levels of steam quality in more detail and also provides basic examples of clean steam workflows.

Clean Steam Product Lineup

TLV produces clean steam traps to meet the strict needs of sanitary applications. Stainless steel construction and highly-polished surfaces are some of the features integrated to meet clean steam needs. Pressure reducing valves are also available.


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