SteamTeam Nordic AB, as a distributor of high quality steam armature and technical services, has for 20 years aimed towards improved quality management. In order to meet the requests of our customers, our quality policy has been developed as a tool to build long lasting relationships based on trust and respect for one another’s workmanship and opinions.

‘Quality’ means for us to fully satisfy the demands and expectations of our customers, without compromising the demands of our Environmental Policy, as well as safety and profitability.  It is important for us that our goods and services fulfill specified quality demands of the market and that our products are supplied according to agreements.

Following statements above, successful quality management demands identification of the customers’ needs. This is highly valued within SteamTeam Nordic AB and we consider quality management an important priority. Thus, we establish procedures, programs and practices for conducting operations in a manner that guarantees the best quality of our products and services. This is characterized by:

  • Focus on clear, agreed-upon, measureable goals
  • Measurements to monitor and track results
  • A continuous and systematic improvement of our operation methods and customer support
  • High degree of predictability
  • An aim to always carry out the correct measurements from the very beginning

It is our Quality Policy that we deliver on the basis of an effective quality system the best products and services that exceed our customers’ requirements and expectations. All executives and employees of SteamTeam Nordic AB are making continuous efforts to achieve the very best quality in all our products and services we offer.

Yours sincerely,

Nichlas Staberg, General Manager