SteamTeam Nordic AB, as a distributor of high quality steam armature and technical services, has for 20 years aimed towards improved environmental management and practices. In order to meet the requests of our customers, our environmental policy has been developed as a tool to build long lasting relationships based on trust and respect for one another’s workmanship and opinions.

As a major part of our environmental policy, we put extra effort into (i) developing technical and functional solutions that result in higher energy utilization and minimized energy loss, (ii) a rigorous selection of products of material and functionality with high longevity and minor impact on the environment, and (iii) on a daily basis minimize the environmental impact of our products and services. All executives and employees of SteamTeam Nordic AB are obliged to make efforts to adopt fair environmentally sustainable methods across our business. This work involves, but is not exclusive to, our own and customer facilities.

We consider environmental management an important priority and thus establish procedures, programs and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner. As part of this commitment we also strive to:

  • Take a long term and life cycle view (apply a life-cycle analysis, LCA, to our products and services)
  • Continuously improve environmental performance
  • Prevent pollution, reduction of climate impact and resource reduction
  • Reduce waste
  • Exceed internal guidelines, standards and requirements, applicable environmental legislation, and all other external requirements to which we have subscribed
  • Understand and manage responsibly all areas of environmental risk/aspects and uncertainty of our products and services
  • Integrate environmental considerations into strategic management decisions, policies, programmes and practices across our business
  • Support our customers and suppliers to reduce the environmental impacts of our products and services
  • Communicate openly and credibly with our stakeholders and report regularly on our performance
  • Be environmentally pro-active in every market where we do business

We acknowledge that our operations have an impact on the environment that must be balanced with the benefits our products and services bring to society.

Yours sincerely,

Nichlas Staberg, General Manager